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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Treat to Visit Halls Rd. and Lynde Shores Again

Our old area, we miss it, but decided on a treat visit there last weekend around Sept 7th. We did a big long 3 hr hike beginning at Halls Rd., along the shores of Lake Ontario, into Lynde Shores, then back to Halls. There was a new wide open path being constructed through the farm field that cut from Cranberry Marsh area back over to Halls Rd. so that was awesome to discover. We were not keen on going back the way we came since the shoreline was quite skanky and we got hit by Cormorant shite a couple times, there being a lot more of them, and them not being so quick to take off, as well as some help from the windy day that it was.

We enjoyed seeing tons of humming birds but alas no successful photos again for me, had a nice conversation with another couple at the Cranberry Marsh lookout, letting them know of the other conservation areas in the Durham Region, as they were from Richmond Hill, and saw lots of cool Egret sights, etc. A Wood Duck flew by, as well as there being a lot of hawk activity. Not sure if we saw Coopers or Sharp Shins but Northern Harriers for sure.

There were also quite a few Monarch butterflies around, as well as other types of butterflies, tons of jewel weed, hence the 5 humming bird sightings were had, and in general just lots of cool interesting nature sights as usual. The deer made an appearance a couple times, one young one still sporting white spots was running through the farm field as we crossed through on the new path.

On the road that goes through Cranberry Marsh, we spotted the wild turkeys with about 14 babies and we gave them some of the left over bird seed we had from feeding the chickadees.

All in all, our favourite area did not fall short of providing another enjoyable hiking and sight seeing experience.

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