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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Little Stop at Our Old Haunt - Halls Rd!

Ok, we Do miss you Halls baby, Scarborough lake front walk areas just ain't the same. ON the way to drop my kids back home, we stopped in at Halls Rd. for a quick visit. Wow, vegetation was very tall, and surprisingly for the amount of cars we spotted parked there, we saw really no one.

On the way in, we saw the turkey babies at the side of the road (that's safe I tell yah). We saw wax wings eating berries and I got a couple ok pics. One exciting sight we saw, a first for us, a pair of Green Herons! The one was gobbling a big frog, the other was far off on a mound of sticks in the marsh. I got a few shots of the one, with his head ruff up. They are quite cowardly, hiding behind little stalks of vegetation the hopping fast through an open spot to the next little tuft of marsh grasses. Very beautiful birds.

We headed down to the beach then over to the base of the marsh and the female Belted Kingfisher flew practically over my head. I was able to get one fairly good picture of her. Gorgeous creatures.

Lots of lily pads and flowers on the marsh too, but alas, too covered in bugs for really lovely images of them, unless one is willing to spend 50 million hours in Photoshop.

A short but again, a very cool and fun little jaunt down there, our favourite little place.

( check back for more pins a few days from now)

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