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Friday, 11 July 2014

Mosaic Outlet Cover!

Looking for an unusual outlet cover which falls into my taste range, I hunted on eBay. I gave up and switched to Etsy. You can always find something hand made, one of a kind and unique via Etsy, more so than on the flea market like eBay of today. I discovered the perfect ones!

Mosaic pieces by VictoriaCharlotte had wonderful, OOAK light switch covers, outlets, and many other items that are just gorgeous.

I originally bought the red and orange outlet cover but when I got home, John informed me that the electrical outlet in our kitchen is actually a safety featured one so would need a rectangle opening light switch cover one in stead. I was disappointed but I will use the oranges mosaic one on our main living room wall in stead, and I ordered a second cover. There is a Bell phone jack cover on that same wall right beside the outlet in the kitchen so I just used copper acrylic paint to paint it, after sanding it so the paint will adhere. It looks so nice!

VictoriaCharlotte on Etsy

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