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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Figure Drawing Progress

It seems like there is lots of time till next March 2015 to complete this but that is probably an illusion lol! I try to get 2-3 hrs a weekend in on it but I suspect that may not be enough. It's difficult sitting cross legged on the couch, basically the only working spot I could come up with that allows me to see my reference and my drawing well enough. So, I get an extremely sore back and I put my foot to sleep to the point that I can't walk for about 5-10 mins when I go to get up.

However, we'll see. Over the winter I know I'll get longer hours in on it on weekends. This summer with lots of stuff happening, it's harder, not to mention one doesn't want to sit indoors all weekend.

This is the current stage. Lots more to go. The main figure, chest and torso and arms still have a long way to go. The face and head I'll leave for now. To change it up, I'll begin on the surrounding objects soon.

One thing I especially like is the title that came to my mind for this figure drawing. It has 2 meanings and it suits the subject himself and also what is happening in the portrait. It won't be revealed till the end, upon the submission of this piece into the juried exhibition I chose to work on it for.

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