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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Bluffer's Park Sunrise

We haven't done a sunrise jaunt for almost a year and a half. Planned one for Sunday morning and activated my weekday 5:45 alarm to wake us up for Sunday as well. Of course, unlike a weekday, I wasn't awake half an hour before the alarm but was peacefully sleeping lol! Sunrise was to be 6:17am this morn. Couldn't lie in bed after the alarm.

It takes a good 20 mins to get down to the Bluffs from our place so in reality, we missed the best part of the sunrise, where it touches the top of the bluffs, just rising above the horizon line over the lake, but it was still gorgeous.

The lake was beautiful, the gulls were funny and plentiful, one chasing another which had a fish in its mouth. We saw a pair of Flickers on the path near the shoreline. Wish we would have spotted the deer that the foot prints in the beach sand belonged to but in order to get lucky there probably a 4am alarm would have been more appropriate. Not! There were a couple Long Tail ducks and a Merganser but a bit too far for good shots.

We headed over towards the boat launch area, the main parking lot and the swans were putting on quite the show. There was a pair of Trumpeters displaying towards each other, probably a courting pair as opposed to an aggressive pair of males as it first appeared to be when they flew in. The Buffle Heads took off as soon as the swan ruckus started.

What a beautiful morning. So uplifting, makes you feel good all day.......and hungry for breakfast when you get back to your place :-)

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