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Friday, 29 November 2013

The Owl

Have recently discovered that an owl is back in the old area where we lived, and visited the owls, last year. We hoped to go see it but may have to wait. Unfortunately, I am unable to get boots or even runners on, having injured my left foot in a silly manoeuvre at work. Since it is winter already, with actual snow on the ground, and ice, flip flops just won't cut it on conservation area paths. The TTC subways I can manage and the only worry is being able to find a place to stand where someone may not clomp on my foot in their big winter boots lol! Soon as my feet can go in shoes again, we hope to visit our old areas. Other reason that the desire is gone for hikes is that my camera cannot be replaced any time soon therefore no zoom lens :-( Kind of takes half the enjoyment out of it for me since I am a creative person and taking photos is a passion and outlet for my creative side lately, since realistic drawing and painting hasn't really been feasible right now. Good to see that the owls have returned! They must feel comfortable in the area. Previously, we were told that they only seem to show up every 2 years.

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