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Friday, 1 November 2013

Moving Day (s)

Spent the last weekend and up to Wed, moving. Tues was to be the only moving day, but it ended up being Wed as well. Thank God for the kindness of a friend who allowed me to use his truck the second day. We are in our new place now, just have a lot of stuff to sort through. However, I am not one to leave it long, I'll be getting through it all by Christmas if it kills me. Though we have not had a chance to go for any walks, we did see one bird fly by the window - a pigeon lol! No lack of exercise though. Carrying, lifting, moving stuff, packing and repacking and such, we are beat. My mistake was not booking the ay after the move off though in reality, there was not supposed to be any "moving" on Wed. I was dead on my fee Thurs, still am today, but went to work. The subway was a joy :-( lol! Ah, I'll get used to it. The Go was expensive but I guess you get what you pay for. Our move was not the nightmare it could have been, considering 2 days before our scheduled move, the owner of our old building puts a note on our door that the driveway around the apt building was to be paved. Well, too bad, we were ppulling our moving truck up still, and we did. We were done fast thanks to my son helping. The second day of our move was by far way way harder. However, we lucked out as it was spitting rain in the am. but stopped. Hopefully, in the next month or so, we'll get out to the bluffs and Rosetta Park again.

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