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Monday, 2 September 2013

Saw a Bald Eagle at Halls Rd. in Whitby!

We often go down to an area just west of Lynde Shores, where it is really interesting to walk through. The marsh is real neat and one never fails to end up seeing something really cool or exciting.

We went down this evening for a short time. It was a great temperature out, no humidity, and sunny with clouds as well. Lots of sailboats on the lake and lots of gulls looking for fish. We saw the larvae stage of the dragonfly. tons of flying dragonflies, and we saw a red tailed hawk soaring. The hawk was our first sight when we got out of the car. The next were the tons of dragonflies. On the way home I pulled over because we spotted 2 Belted King Fishers on a wie. The third and probably one of the most amazing thing I've ever seen on our walks and truly unexpected, came before the King Fishers.

As we were leaving, John mentioned going across the road into the field path a bit. There in the sky was a large white headed bird. We thought no it can't be a bald eagle, but that is all it could be once we realized it had a white head and as it fanned out its tail, that too was white. It was not real close but close enough that my camera could pick up what it was with no doubt. A mature bald eagle.

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