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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Always Something Gorgeous Seen at Halls Rd.

John'll check the night before on Friday or Saturday to see if the next morning may be bringing fog. The forecast was fog, clearing by morning. Fog conditions are my favourite early morning scenes and photography opportunities, I love fog! We woke around 6ish and by 6:45 were up and ready to head out. It didn't look like spectacular fog and light conditions but we figured we'd like an early morning walk as we have not done one for a while.

There were still lots of cool sights. The light on the plants and wild flowers still left, like asters, the virginia creeper, and other plants and leaves. I'm not a real plant or flower person so I rarely know what any are. Here is a great link for identifying Ontario Wildflowers that has just about every one on it I personally have seen on most of our walks.

There were lots of birds to spot too, ones on their way south during fall migration. There were warblers, I believe a Northern Parula (sp) and Kinglets, Vireos, and we saw Swamp Sparrows, both what appeared to be adult and older fledglings or maybe females, not sure. The White Egrets we saw in the dozens last weekend were sparser but there, and we saw one fly by Mute Swan.

I even grabbed some shots just of the bokeh effects I was seeing through my lens, abstract art photography :-)

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