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Monday, 19 August 2013

We Will Be Saying Goodbye to Our Area

Come late October, we will no longer be 5 minutes from Whitby Harbour, nor Halls Rd. Though we won't be far. Still we will be within 20 mins of those favourite spots. We won't be able to just walk to Whitby Harbour, but we can easily drive weekend mornings to spend a few hours in the areas we have grown to love. Our time in Whitby and the things we discovered, will always be cherished and we look forward to new routines and some same ones like going out for walks at Leslie Spit, having kids over, and watching movies. One thing I do know is we will be living with whatever colour is in our new home till we feel like painting. A warm and spicy Mexican palette is planned, which we both love. A couple little artsy projects I hope to do, will be fun, and we can take our time. One will be incorporating many little interesting items we have collected on our walks, under glass as our eating bar top - something we can do ourselves with relatively little expense and will be personal and have meaning.

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