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Friday, 7 June 2013

Lost Images - Great Horned Owl Family

I realized I had never posted about the day we saw the one parent and the 2 owlets together one weekend on a walk. Part of the reason was that when I uploaded the images, my external hard drive was off therefore the destination for the images ended up defaulting to My Documents/My Pictures on my Cdrive.

On the way home from work I was thinking about the owl family and wondered how they were, then realized that it seemed to me I'd never really posted anything about the last time we saw them. I looked this evening and was saying to John "it is almost like the folder is gone" then - Doh! I then clicked and recalled the uploading day, how I was supposed to move the folder but of course never did lol! One thing about me is I have a very spatially aware as well as associative memory and I can recall visually how far down on a page I saw a piece of info, etc., and I often can find an album or photo (among my probably thousands of albums and 10s of thousands of photos) within a few minutes, or a word on a page, or paragraph in a book or document that I have already seen, quite easily. I love my memory, it is my strongest asset and I exercise it always. So, I found the album - but still need to move it though ;-)

To get back On Topic however - the owls: Last year, these presumably same owl parents had 2 babies in March. One apparently fell from the nest. We were privileged to see the 1 baby through a resident's scope, after being invited to join a crowd of people on his property, viewing the birds. It was unbelievable to see the baby owl, big yellow eyes looking right at me and seemingly close enough to reach out and touch yet hundreds of feet up in a tree, with the one parent. The Dad owl sat on a tree a bit of a ways away.

This year, we learned there were again 2 owlets. I have seen them a couple times, as well as the parents. There are a few earlier posts about the Great Horns in my blog. This post is about the last time we saw them. Previously in the spring, one owlet again had fallen from the nest but was rescued and placed in a tree. We saw it several times, far from the other owlet and parent. We were told the Dad owl was feeding it.

On this day, the last day we saw them, we spotted both babies with what I think is the Mom owl. I was glad to see both babies and now see them together. The woods where they reside is dense with vegetation now and it is much more difficult to find them. I have not seen them since this day, which was mid May of this year.

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