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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Bonaparte's Gull Sighting and Glorious Sky

At the end of a nice weekend full of walks and after picking my son up from work, we had dinner and decided last minute to take a walk to Whitby Harbour. We haven't done that walk in a while. It was still quite warm out thought the sun was due to set in about 1 hr or so.

The Killdeer were all over the construction site that we pass on the way. We miss the grape vines that used to grow along the fence there since the land has been cleared and ready for 5 new condos. So, it's not so visually interesting a walk anymore.

The harbour seemed pretty quiet as we got to the water. We saw seagulls diving for fish and thought we heard a Tern. As the bird neared, it leven looked like a Tern. Then when it passed right close to me I realized it was a Bonaparte's Gull - something we've heard others we run into on walks, mention they've seen recently. It was the first time I've ever seen one! We saw 3 different ones, all in different stages with the head markings. I managed to get pictures of them all, even with the receding light.

To top the whole walk off, as we neared the actual pier, I turned and saw probably what was the most spectacular sky I've seen down there in a long time. Photos just don't do it justice.

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