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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Pickering Photo Walk

group photo by C. Prentice
Decided to take up a photographer acquaintance  Will, of Captura Photography in Whitby, on an invite to join Henry's Pickering Photo Walk this past Sunday. Glad I did because it was really fun! Met lots of people, all great, and reunited with some people I have not seen in ages. Surprised to get to try out a macro lens as well, a Sigma lens. Opens one up to a whole new exciting micro observational world of teeny tiny things. Was quite fun to see people crawling around on the sand, pointing lenses half an inch from objects found lol! I swore I'd never bother with a Macro but I don't know now lol!

We started out at the Warerfront Trail entrance at the bottom of Rougemount in Pickering. We crossed over the bridge and hung mainly around the beach area and over on the other side, where the marsh is. Lots of people fishing, lots of dog walking, kids, families, couples. I can imagine that the area is packed in hot summer times.

After the 2 and a bit hours, we headed back to the lot, said our goodbyes and look forward to the next outting!

After coming home, myself and John uploaded my pics. I also had the urge to get out my old Nikon Nikkor 105mm with a wide aperture opening ability (I forget what) lens which I used often, to get great reference for portrait painting. It has such a creamy effect and just does things my newer lenses don't seem to be able to. It will go on my D70, but it is totally manual and no light reading is available on it. I totally love that lens!

Nikon Nikkor 105mm manual lens images

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