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Monday, 25 March 2013

Saw-whet Owl

Had a real nice weekend and what made it extra special was seeing the little Saw-whet owl. It was definitely So unexpected and a thrilling end to a nice weekend which included taking my daughter shopping for gifts for 2 friends' birthdays, getting together with friends of my boyfriend, and having our newly adopted calico kitty share our space, as well as our usual walks.

We went to a couple areas, saw the turkeys with the juvi males all in their colours, saw the barred owl land in a tree as we headed home, and listened to the hoards of red winged black birds that have landed here recently. The barred owl flew from a couple spots, landing in one tree which pissed off a blue jay already occupying it. We were shocked to see the jay attack the owl, hitting the owl's body as it passed it. I didn't react quick enough to get a shot as it was unexpected. The owl barely paid the jay any mind but did fly off after a few moments, after the jay gave up and took off to further trees.

The topper though was the tiny, cute, adorable little Saw-whet. We were so shocked to find it in what to me seemed a very visible and vulnerable spot. It slept peacefully, recessed a bit on a branch in a pine tree. We watched it for a little and took a couple photos. It opened its eyes only half way, once, when a couple kids on bikes rode noisily by totally oblivious to it. It immediately continued its sleep and we went on home, hoping it would be ok where it sat. It is just the most adorable little thing, so much so that it was hard to believe it was real, and is a predator lol!

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