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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Snow Snow and More Snow

Usually, when we used to get told by the news that there is a big impending storm coming, Durham Region ends up really getting not much of anything. Well, this time we did lol! Work gave us an early dismissal to make sure we had more time to travel home safely but I totally did Not get home in time for any leisurely walks in That snow last Friday lol! The side walks were plowed right over with mountains of snow and our car was stuck in the back lot of our apt. building. It took me longer to get from the Go Stn, which is 5 mins away from our apartment then the train ride home was lol! Needless to say, we stayed in and ate whatever food we could find for dinner and watched a movie, burning finally to nothingness, the huge Partylite candle my friend had given me when I moved into my apt. almost 2 years ago.

Next morning, we did get the car out and we went to our favourite walking area before doing food shopping.  The snow was deep but there was already a bit of a path cut in it from boots before ours. The sparrows, jays, cardinals and chickadees were going nuts and they were happy to see people with food. They were quite funny and I managed to get a comedic shot of a bird fight over seed.

Later, we went in the evening to Lynde Shores. The evening light was gorgeous and I got a few beautiful landscape shots. We saw a red Tailed Hawk when we first parked. The ducks were funny that day too, nipping at each other's arses and plopping down suddenly on the snow to eat seed dropped by people. The geese pretty much were doing the same thing. I got one particular Mallard's portrait that my boyfriend says reminds him of this cartoon character (new to me) called Darkwing Duck lol! The way the light hits the eye makes the duck look evil. There was an instance as well of a female Mallard perched up on the fence for a few moments, gawd knows Why she was doing that.

Venturing down the chickadee path, we saw lots of woodpeckers, both male and female, as well as the Red Bellied Woodpecker again. They were appearing from everywhere - it was Woodpecker city. The Red Bellied is quite gorgeous to see, flying from tree to tree, looking for bugs. He has a shrill call, sort of similar to a Flicker. It was cool to get to hear it!

Down at Lynde Shores, twice now, we've seen a Black Duck. It appears to be a darker female Mallard but after researching, we are pretty sure it is a pure male Black Duck and not a Mallard and Black Duck mix.

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