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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Red Bellied Woodpecker - Really? Where's the Red lol!

Ok, this is a bird name that has baffled me since learning about their existence a year or so ago. maybe I am wrong but I don't see any red on their bellies. The head, yes, but alas I guess there already is a Red Headed Woodpecker. Despite the way I always think of these birds as the "bird that doesn't match their name" I still knew what the name was when we happened to spot one this past weekend.

Update lol!: Ok, I'll give it to the woodpecker, it Does have a hint of browny pink on its underbelly. We saw it again and we did see the tiny bit of "red" lol!

There are always a lot of Downies in the areas we walk, I enjoy hearing them knock the tree bark and love getting to see them not to mention the odd time when they'll feed from your hand. Their name matches them, they are so soft feeling and gentle. Those and the Nuthatches are so cute to see and have them eat from our hands. They are a little bird but Love peanuts. The Nuthatches have the most unique and beautiful sound as well and as we walk, I love hearing them all around us.

One thing I used to always love, when I was in a place where my window was open often in spring, was the sound of the birds in the morning just as the sun was rising. Hearing them was not annoying or disturbing, it was very calming and pretty. I do tend to be an early riser - a person who always hated wasting away big chunks of my life sleeping in, even as a teen, so I welcomed birds' sounds at 4am lol! Walking through forested areas has a similar peaceful feel with the sound of birds if not quite exactly the same.

On the walk, there is also many little interesting things to see. A glinting curled silvery thing, which looked to be not a natural object for its metallic silverness and sure enough a closer look revealed it was a man made object - but the way light hit it and something about it made it a cool little find to photograph anyway :-) It was a tiny silver piece of ribbon, curled and tied to a branch. 

There were small frozen puddles of water which revealed grasses and such frozen beneath their surfaces in layers, which were also cool, as well as various back lit items such as leaves, always a favourite lighting condition of mine :-)

On our way to where we walked, while driving, we spotted a Red Tailed Hawk. There was a rabbit half dozing in the sunlight, at the beginning of the path, despite the fact that we saw 3 birds of prey right in the vicinity. We saw a robin which gets one all excited that Spring is just around the corner, but no such luck lol! There was also the usual cute red squirrels - this time they were Not attacking Mourning Doves however lol!

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