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Friday, 1 February 2013

I Hate Diamonds and Gold - My 'Cheep' Birdy Ring

Huh? A chick who doesn't like diamonds and gold?! No way lol! Even if they Are her birth stone?

Yes way - most of my rings (unless inherited) are $40 and under. I have bought a few hand made and weird rings from Etsy, eBay and even while in Ottawa with my close artist friend. I love earthy and organic jewellery and silver is the closest to precious metal I'll usually get. I love most of all ethnic rings from India, Indonesia, Turkey, and hand made rings.
I found an awesome little ring which was under $10 and it reminds me of my boyfriend's and my passion - hiking and being surprised by cool sightings of birds, animals, beautiful stones, gorgeous light, flowers, butterflies and hundreds of small little finds :-)

I only began to wear lots of rings maybe 8 years ago. I am unsure why because my hands are "workish" hands and not elegant or pretty really at all. The nails suck and always have, which I too inherited. Maybe all kinds of rings remind me of something positive about my maternal Grandmother, who actually was quite beautiful looking, recalls for me my history, a little bit of where I came from - she always had rings stacked on her fingers, often white gold with diamonds though. When I think of her I see her hands first.

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