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Thursday, 24 January 2013


I don't often just write and don't include images, especially since I am a visually inspired person first and foremost. However, I just have this urge to write this post.

To be accurate, this was one evening in early January; while listening to music on my headphones on the Go Train, the individual instruments that seem to come in much more clear and clean on the headphones right over the ears, got my mind wandering about how certain sounds evoke emotional reaction, comfort, nostalgia, images in the mind and more.

There are certain sounds that appeal, smells that are comforting, and tactile experiences that one personally likes. For me, being a visual person, these other senses sometimes seem secondary but can be just as reaction causing :-) Music, despite the fact that I don't have a musically talented bone in my body, is probably the second most important sensory experience I love and need daily - at work, while reading, while cleaning, definitely while driving -  time of day. The louder the better. Smell and touch come after those other 2.

My Comforting Sounds

waking in the early am - windows open - to the sounds of the birds beginning
the comforting sound of the dishwasher at night while snuggled on the couch watching a movie
the rumble and roar of the Go Train as it enters the station and passes near enough almost to touch
wind chimes tinkling outdoors lightly in the breeze
the clop of horses' hooves on stone or cement
pool balls clacking off each other and the sounds of a pool hall
the ping of a titanium golf club hitting a ball off the tee
the roaring of the bass in a car playing their music ultra loud
the scratch of fingers on guitar strings
the keys of a loved one turning in the lock of the front door
the crackle of fire

My Comforting Smells

the fresh scent of laundry detergent on clothes (no wonder candle makers offer this scent)
the gasoline and damp cement smell of an apartment building's underground garage
breathing in the clean almost undetectable fur coat smell of a cat hugged lovingly right up to one's nose
fish and chips
the smell of a leather saddle on a horse
the scent of just blown out candles
the smell of oil paint and linseed oil
the scent of brewing coffee
bacon cooking :-)

Fav Tactile Experiences

petting the velvet nose of a horse
holding a rabbit's fever warm feeling ears
digging out the cold slimy guts of a Halloween pumpkin with bare hands
the squeak and creak of the saddle when riding a horse
the muffled sounds, lapping waves against ears calm solitary feel lying perfectly flat on my back in a pool

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