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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Second Marsh and Halls Rd. - Crazy Extreme Mild Temperatures January 12th

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Saturday ended up not only being warmish but also brought surprise sunshine! It was like Spring, such a positive and uplifting day :-) Probably not a good sign, though I am not a big going on about global warming person since I myself contribute to it as does pretty much every single soul on this planet. I will admit I don't mind this kind of unseasonable mild spring weather in January :-)

In the morning, the night before sort of foreshadowed that there could be my favourite morning sunrise in the fog conditions so we got up early and headed out for a bit to Halls Rd. and mainly down to the shore of Lake Ontario. The fog wasn't real thick but it still had a neat misty glow with the partial sun and remnants of fog.

One thing that stood out and was sort of odd were all these thick strung spider webs across all the branches. The warm weather over the last day or so must have woke up the little buggers and they had a heyday. There were webs everywhere, covered in droplets of water. Water droplets are the cliche macro photographer's dream lol! Though I do not have a macro lens I am still able to capture some close up shots of various found and growing things covered in water drops from the past night's rain, glistening in the morning light :-) It is exciting finding interesting tiny visual occurrences on our jaunts. Of interest this time out, we saw an amber piece of quartz that looked like a raw egg when the water washed up over it and a bone that looked like a delicate flower.

The lake was quite wavy and the water had a liquid metal look - one of my favourite lighting conditions on it. There were swans out, not too far from shore, and a huge cloud of ducks kept flying in, circling, landing then sweeping by again. All they were doing was seemingly changing their location slightly 3 or 4 times. Gawd knows why. From what I could tell, they looked like Canvas Back Ducks. I ended up with a shot I really love, of the ducks swooping over the water, with a cool to warm metallic sunlit lake in the background. The horizon needs straightening to really make this image perfect but to do so would mean cutting off the ducks on the left, which I like there. To avoid slicing off those ducks after straightening entails adding to the photo so it can be straightened then trimmed. Something that I'd spend the time to do if planning to print and frame.

Later in the day, after fitting in a quick food shop, we decided to take advantage of this 14 degree day and get out somewhere else for a walk. We chose Second Marsh as we hadn't been there in a while. It is possible to walk down to the lake shore there too and it is a decent length walk.

On Lake Ontario at the end of the Second Marsh path, we spotted 2 Trumpeter swans that were not tagged. Never have we run into ones with no yellow wing tags. However, we learned they could have leg bands which we never would be able to see while they swam in the water.

There were like tons of people fishing all along the river part that runs down to the lake shore, though it is posted that there is to be no fishing in that area at all. Not sure what they catch or if they keep it or not.

All in all, a fun day, really spirit lifting and positive!

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