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Monday, 7 January 2013

Mysterious Black Swan

My boyfriend's daughter mentioned to us that a black swan had been spotted not too far from us. Holy crap, they are totally Not anywhere near here originally. We managed to figure out the general vicinity where it had been seen. We certainly did Not expect to find it so easily. It was a dismal day too, grey and rainy when we headed out. I had wanted to get out for a bit so we decided to try the area where it was sighted. We get down there, park, and we see all kinds of activity out on the ice. Ice fishing most likely. I look out and see hundreds of geese and some ducks. There were some guys across on the other side of the water, doing some sort of training exercise. I look through my lens and there the thing is, swimming right near the shore and right near where one guy was standing.

Not all the water was frozen though and the guys we passed on the road down to the shoreline, where I figured we weren't allowed to go anyway, said to watch the edge of the water as it was soft in spots. We apparently were fine to be walking down there to the water edge. It was actually a pretty nice looking sandy beach out into the water even, albeit snow and ice covered much of the ground now. The black swan was swimming not too far out, among a couple mute swans.

There were also lots of different ducks. I like the cool little what was once called Old Squaw and is now called Long Tailed Duck - cute little ducks.

That black swan must have belonged to someone somewhere, but who knows where it came from or how it got there. I hope it will survive the cold winter.

We, out of curiousity, looked on and an Ornithology site and there is no acknowledgement of this species of swan. Wikipedia has information but no bird species documentary sites seem to. This makes us think maybe this is only a domestic, ornamental bird? Kind of puzzling.

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