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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Past Lifedrawings

Have been thinking recently, I need to cut back on the weekend jaunts, and add back in some art time again. I do have 2 pieces I've been asked to do, this time for family and friends of family, rare for me as most of my commissions were stranger based always, as a portrait artist for over a decade. However, working full time in the last 2 years or so, as opposed to part time, decided for me that I will not accept commissions anymore. I wanted to keep my leisure time mostly for myself - my kids and myself and my partner.

Having a lot of life changes in the past 2 years, many quite challenging, by choice and some not within my control at all, has really made me cherish my weekend time and nights. My fiance and I began taking walks to the harbour in our new vicinity, which lead to exploring new areas to walk, eventually leading me to become more of an outdoor person than an introverted indoor reader and drawer that I grew up as as a kid and teen. As a born artist,  the camera began taking the place of painting and drawing, which in turn meant I carry my camera on 99.9% of our outings. It's definitely Not as satisfying as painting I can tell you that. However, reference photos were a tool I used having been a representational artist.
As a teen, as well as a student at what was the old OCA in Toronto, life drawing was a 1-3 day a week thing for me. I also kept it up over the last few years. As well, I do occasionally model for life drawing groups and some classes, but it has become more as a favour and for the personal enjoyment of the environment and the attending artists, most of whom are great people, then for the extra income. Since working full time down town, it has become not so convenient to go so it is quite rare now that I do. I grew up drawing from the figure, so this may lend itself to being a pretty good life model.

However, in the last couple of years, I've not really practiced my life drawing, mainly due to time and travel inconvenience, not to mention expense.

The best time I ever enjoyed as an artist involving life drawing occurred when I visited my very good artist friend in Ottawa about 5 years ago. We attended life drawing at people's houses, at the community centre where she regularly attended, and I even was allowed to join one of the portrait class sessions she attended at the time. It was so much fun! It was somewhat like what I slightly imagined it would be like being a free spirited artist hippie in the 60s lol! - something I don't quite think I'd have been then since I have that practical and logical side as well as artistic free spirit side lol! But I always recall that time spent with her and her husband, both awesome people, fondly and know it can never be totally be relived or come close to again. It was a once in a lifetime experience.

Some Old Life Drawings (from 2-6 years ago)

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