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Saturday, 15 December 2012

I LOVE Industrial Chic

Ok, before, it didn't have a catchy name but I always have Loved industrial thingys, metals, stainless steel storage units for garages, old stuff, found objects, old glass bottles, outdoor as indoor, brick inside a house, warehouse ceilings, rusty shyte, little machines, etc. in my environment. I love the idea of using car parts as furniture, stuff like that. Not uncommon I knew but I fell into that taste group. Going through the hardware or plumbing store, I saw jewelry parts even as a teen. Always more ideas than time or money to use them though.

Well, last week, going to Michael's to buy some parts to restring a necklace for a friend's friend, my eyes almost fell out of my skull and my brain went on visual overload - there is an Industrail Chic line of jewelry making parts and ready to buy stuff. I discovered further that it is a major design trend! It is So up my alley.

Would love this in a kitchen!

Googling images for Industrial Chic is exciting! Wow, so cool! So much eye candy lol!

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