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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wet Damp Day but Enjoyable - Lots of Sightings

Saturday Nov 10th was a wet and grey dull day but we were going out for sure anyway. We were lucky enough at the very beginning to see a glimpse of sun which created that silvery foggy morning experience again. This is So my favourite landscape photo taking atmosphere. We went to 2 of our favourite areas. Though we aren't getting the exercise we were used to in the spring and summer due to the fact that the sightings we are coming upon are keeping us standing. Lately it seems to be owl haven in many of the areas we traverse. Barred Owls only so far but there's been others seen in the areas.

Thickson is my favourite for inanimate object shots. When there isn't much living breathing creatures to attempt to capture with the camera, there are lots of really cool leaves, thistles, silvery milk weed seeds, curling and dried plants with earthy fall tones, and more - you just have to look :-)

Over the course of this weekend, we were lucky enough to get to see the owl hunting as well, on Sunday the 11th. She was hunting leopard frogs, oblivious to all the people watching her. After she ate her frog, I went to the spot to see if any frog guts were on the grounds - icky I know - and didn't I spot the cutest little snail in the sunlight, climbing over colourful, textured and curled fall leaves. So cool!

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