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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Pier Last Night - Halls Rd. This Morn

Sitting on the Go Train, I kept peeking out the window at the gorgeous sky and clouds. I'd be doubtin'er that I would make it home in time to get down to the pier and get some shots as skies can change in seconds but I texted John, "can we go to the pier?" so he brought my camera with him when he picked me up from the station. Of course, some of the sky's drama had gone but yet again, the tail end of some drama was unfolding at the pier. There was a fire truck with its lights on flashing, parked by the entrance to the parking lot, and a cop car. Cops and firefighters were down half way on the pier, walking back up. A woman cop and about 4 firefighters. There was a guy out on a water craft, the pontoon and sail kind, and a small motor boat near him. There was a couple on a large sail boat that had its motor on and who came fast from open water and in near the pier and spoke to the emergency people. What in hell would possess some guy to go out on what is essentially a manual and wind powered craft, on his own, in cold and windy weather with darkness setting, is beyond me but maybe that wasn't the situation - I was guessing. He appeared to be struggling trying to come off open water and back into the harbour area and to the marina. The boat kept along near him. The emergency workers did not seem concerned by the time we came upon all this, and they were walking back to their vehicles so I guess all was under control. Someone must have seen the guy out in open water, appearing like he was struggling, and called 911 - my guess anyway.

This morning, we decided we were going to get up and go down to Halls Rd., whatever time we happened to wake up, and see if we got lucky and spotted the owl again. No such luck but we did get to see a Fox Sparrow. I've wanted to see this gorgeous reddy brown and white striking bird since I learned of them. I figured we'd never get lucky enough to see one. But, someone mentioned "did you see the Fox Sparrow?" and I was like "Whoa, then that is what I was taking photos of!". I've seen Swamp Sparrows down there so assumed it maybe was that. Boy though, the little bugger blends with the leaves. The shots that have him contrasted against the greens did not work well due to a branch across his face in most of them.

I also got some Juncos, a girl one, all sitting puffed up so cute in a tree. The White Breasted Nuthatch came and tried to crack the peanuts in John's hand and the Blue Jays were as usual, eager to eat from our hands.

But the best had to be the guy, all decked out in camouflage, lens and all, and his Mr. Bean teddy in his backpack.

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