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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Fall Textures - Owls

Not expecting to be lucky enough to spot owls a second weekend in a row, but did. It was supposed to be sunny today but no such luck. There was not a lot out this morning but we did see a Brown Creeper, Nuthatches, a what was probably a Sharp Shinned Hawk hovering in the sky above us, and amazingly enough, we came upon what appeared to be a fairly large and mature Barred Owl. It took off as we came upon it. We crossed the path into the other side of the woods and spotted it on the way out again. The owl flew to a couple more spots ahead as we got closer. Then, as we rounded a corner back over across the path again, we saw it lift off and land in the forest where the trees provided more dense cover, with its prey in its beak. I was being fussy and I hesitated taking the shot as I saw the owl in silhouette with the rodent hanging down, back lit from the light behind - I wanted a better chance but it turned out that was the only chance. It turned and took off then, low over the ground, with its meal. As we walked along, down in a valley area, we turned and there was what appeared to be a 2nd, smaller owl. This one was less timid and it sat and stared at us. It looked hungry :-(

A couple weekends before, we had ventured into this same wooded area in Whitby, and I took a few neat Fall texture shots. We also spotted some pretty odd fungus on a dead tree, one looking like fox fur or some such thing with hair lol! The other looked like some sort of nut. New fungi to us lol!

It has been pretty cold and not so great light wise, so not many great shots the last little while.

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