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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Not Many Walks Lately

The last 2 weeks or so have been really limiting due to a family issue and we've barely been outside our apartment. However, we did go out quickly at one point, in the midst of everything, just to clear our heads. We went down to Halls Rd. for a bit, our favourite place. We stayed only a few moments because really, we enjoy the calm and peace and the sights of birds and animals are an added bonus to our walks. Photographing things is a joy, a sort of "art fix" that in some ways substitutes for me not being able to paint as often right now, and not so much the reason for going. I guess due to the season being raptor observation time, we just found the crowd of mostly serious people down at the lookout, and on the paths we walk, a bit too much for us during this period of time and we didn't stay long, it just was not relaxing or enjoyable - the only time it hasn't been. Normally, we really enjoy being around and sometimes talking with the people we run into.

We did manage to get a shot of a Northern Harrier hawk at one point, though before these last 2 weeks. On the recent short walk, we were lucky to see the deer and some really neat sparrows and such. I didn't get many great shots to speak of, my mind just wasn't focused and my reflexes were slow and I wasn't in the greatest frame of mind. But, even though it wasn't one of the more relaxing times and it wasn't a long walk, we always see something cool and memorable and come away feeling lucky we have these areas so close to where we live.

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