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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Lately - Halls Road and Thickson Woods Shorter Walks

There's been a lot going on so less time available for hikes and walks in our favourite places. Absolutely no painting but hopefully will get some in this very weekend. That urge to go for a real long and vigorous hike somewhere is real nagging but our outings have tended to be shorter and not so exercise filled. But, they still always are filled with cool sightings.

The main reasons we go out so often on these walks is a) simple and enjoyable time spent which has a 100% return for almost 0% cost ( we are lucky to have these amazing wetlands and marshes practically right in our own back yard) b) it is good exercise (usually lol) c) we have met some really nice and interesting people d) we have learned things we never knew about birds, insects, animals, the history of the areas, plants, etc. e) we always manage to see something amazing and cool

Not so much do I have a particular huge interest in being a "birder" or a "nature lover" or a "photographer", what drives me to love to go out on walks and hikes is the anticipation of "what will I see this time". The photography part comes in because I've always been an artist, and although I prefer and my first love is painting, photo reference has always played a part in being a representational painter, and I am forever composing and designing 2 dimensional images. I am very drawn to interesting and dramatic lighting, atmosphere, then cast shadows and translucency. One thing I find is that I always will attempt to push my camera past it's limits in hopes of getting something recorded that in case it failed technically in the original shot,  I can  at least later try the best I can to get an image that resembles how my eye saw and how my mind remembers the image and how I reacted to what I was privy to seeing. So, in essence, the camera is a tool for "remembering" for me.

From these walks we come back with the excitement of sitting together and enjoying the slideshow of images while having a snack or a coffee and breakfast. There's always some surprise in the images that I didn't physically see while taking a shot of something, or that was a lucky one off shot that ended up being in focus, or something along those lines.

Below are some of the images from over the past couple weeks, from Halls Rd., Cranberry Marsh areas, and Thickson Woods area, which we love.




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