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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Got Lucky - Barred Owl Day

We got very lucky on our outing today, though it was very short lived due to rain. Seeing a bunch of cars and people with lenses as we drove past an area we often go to pretty much clued me in to the fact that there must be an owl sitting there. I figured since their lenses were 400 mm and such, that maybe we'd not be able to see the owl well but as we entered the path, you could see it right away. It was a barred owl, sitting right out on a branch of a tree out in the open. He looked around and down constantly, looking for prey. At one point he flew down to the ground and I stared back at him staring at me though an opening in the grasses. He then flew back up to the tree onto a different branch and continued his watch. Above him landed a woodpecker at which he craned his head upwards to have a look at, then a few jays flew in and caught his eye. I gather these birds aren't his regular prey as he paid them not much mind.

This was a very very exciting and cool sight to behold, and so close! Too bad it began raining. We may go back later in the day to see if he has left or is hanging around.

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