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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Foggy Mornings - Worth Getting Up at the Crack of Dawn For

2 weekends in a row, even though I have to get up early every weekday morning, I've set my alarm so that we are able to get up and go out to catch the sunrise and fog at the marsh. Nothing like images of early morning sun and fog to start the day with :-) Hopes of catching the deer are always there too but no luck last couple of times.

However, the landscape is gorgeous enough. Both weekend mornings, we saw some really neat things down at the marsh. Tons of cranes and egrets in the marsh, swans flying, raptors, a marsh wren, juvi red winged black birds, humming birds, warblers, a weird what appeared to be a juvi pigeon with a green leg band, and lots of cool scenery and flowers with awesome light on them.

It is fun to begin the day by seeing such beautiful sights and creatures, feel the sun on our faces, breathe the crisp fresh air and afterwards enjoy a comforting coffee and poached eggs and bacon :-) breakfast.

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