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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Fishing Osprey and Tern

This past week, my daughter came with us on a short walk at Lynde Shores. There were chipmunks to feed and we saw black and white warblers as well as rabbits and blue jays. Some blue jays were molting and some looked to be done. We also spotted a turkey vulture trying not to give up its find though was timid of people coming close. We headed to the dock that leads out into the marsh. It is a bit skanky at this time of year and the water is very low. Seagulls were a plenty, as usual, and we also spotted a tern fishing as well as an Osprey circling just above us, probably hunting too. A cool sight!

Lynde Shores is cool to take little kids especially to, but can be a little more populated with visitors compared to some places we go. The chipmunks are abundant there and lots of jays and other birds that will come pretty close so it's a cool place to take kids and guarantee they'll see something or experience chickadees landing on their hands to take seeds and chippies accepting peanuts from their hand.

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