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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Swan Baby with Hook in Foot :-(

This morning, we decided to get up real early and do one of those crack of dawn walks. You see so much more and hopefully the air is fresher. Well, it ended up being around 6:45am, not so much the crack of dawn, but still very early. We went into Lynde Shores, somewhere we've not been for a while. We were excited to see a deer right out on the path in beautiful light. Though we missed the 2 fawns and mom deer another walker had just seen and let us know about. We also saw fledgling cardinals and on the way back, tons of blue jays, many of which seemed still young. They were going nuts for the few little nuts we had left from our own snacking supply lol!

We walked over to the Cranberry Marsh lookout and we saw at least 50 blue herons, smaller herons and 2 snowy egrets. It was a smorgasbord of herons lol! There also was a king fisher hovering.

Sadly, when we reached Lynde Shores again, at the lookout dock, we met up with a woman and her kids who mentioned that one of the 3 swan babies around the dock had been spotted with a fish hook in its foot. We had no more food to entice the family to come close to where we stood but they did anyway. We saw it trailing seaweed from the foot, which it held still and out from itself. We could not tell if the hook had been removed or not. Yesterday, a call had been made to the wildlife rescue line about the baby swan, but I know they are often swamped and unless it is an extreme emergency, it could be a while before anyone gets out to investigate it. For that matter, catching it and removing it easily. Poor thing. However, it was foraging for food and did not seem at all distressed when we observed it. I hope that it will end up being ok.

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