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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Fledgling Eastern King Birds

Due to the amount of butterflies we have been encountering everywhere, we decided to go to The Meadows in Ajax where I had taken a lot of nice butterfly images last fall. It was a bit sparse and dry, not many butterflies in sight. However, there were loads of cow birds, juvi starlings, black birds, and we were even treated to a family of Eastern King Birds in a tree. The fledgling king birds were so cute and fluffy! There were 3 young ones and an adult to be seen.

Other interesting sights to be seen were gold finches pulling at the seeds of Canada Thistles, little groups of lounging carp that we spotted from atop the embankment that overlooks Lake Ontario, and a creepy little discarded dolls head that must have washed up on shore. Definitely, there is always some weird sighting on our walks lol!

There were wedding photos being taken too - most of the people were sitting around in any shaded spot they could fine during this. If we were sweltering in tank tops and shorts I can only Imagine how the men in suits and women in uncomfortable dresses felt lol!

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