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Friday, 29 June 2012

Playing with Publisher - How We Got Started "Birding"

Lately, have been getting familiar with areas of MS Office Suite that I've not really had any opportunity to touch. One being Publisher. Not quite as great as InDesign but is actually a very useful program for small businesses or personal use for any number of creative project needs. I began with a template that I liked and altered the elements such as fonts, spacing, objects, photos, etc. and went with a theme from our major leisure undertaking, nature hikes. The intent behind this was to play around and practice using Publisher, using a personal theme to do so.

I went with the metamorphosis which occurred in our what began as simple leisure walks to Whitby Harbour in the evenings and on weekends, to what has become a sort of a beginner's interest in birding, over the past year. If I chose to complete the full newsletter template, the table of contents would indicate what specific experiences that further little anecdotal articles would touch on....with photos of course :-)

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