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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Lots to See Along Waterfront Walk Brock St. to Thickson Rd.

Recently, we thought we'd carry on further than usual, from the park down and to the east of Brock st. in Whitby, that follows along above Lake Ontario in Whitby. Well, we discovered that there is quite the array of active bird life in the trees along the way. We saw tons of cow birds, lots of robins, oodles of red winged black birds, yellow finches, a house finch, mourning doves warblers, king birds, hoards of swallows overhead (tree and bank), a baltimore oriole juvi, and just thousands of sparrows of varying kinds.

We also saw lots of bunnies, both baby and adult. There are butterflies and Virginia Ctenucha moths and even a really cool place where there are permanent observation tools for one to look out over the lake and far beyond. I even was able to get a cool shot of a car cemetery in the distance. I love photographing demolished autos at car wreckers.

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