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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Finally! ........ Baby Water Fowl!

Well, having just moved into an area near Lake Ontario last spring, we kind of were a bit oblivious to the aspects of that season last year, and missed the beginnings of new life. This winter, we waited patiently (lol! maybe 1 of us did) for the spring baby animals and birds we enjoyed seeing in the fall and winter on walks. Well, we got our first look in late April! Another person we run in to off and on, on our adventures, let us know he had just seen the first babies of the season. We headed over to the area he mentioned, and we did see them, but a bit far by the time we got there. Later in the week, on a drizzly day, we went out for what ended up being a short walk, as it began to pour shortly after we got to our usual destination. However, Not before I managed to come up on and grab some shots of the baby geese! Omg are they cute. There are 12. The one parent was hissing continuously so I took a couple shots then left them alone.

The ducks also were startled out of there hiding spot in the marsh, when we went to see what else was around.

The day we discovered the baby geese for the first time, we also ventured back that evening, in hopes of spotting them closer. I had my 105mm manual lens all ready, but alas, no dice. However.... we were treated to a pretty brave raccoon and some muskrat love lol! Too bad the muskrats seem to like privacy or I'd have gotten a better shot lol! Always plenty of animals to see around on our ventures.

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