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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Krazy Kayaking Guy

Not really sure what was behind the decision, but this guy was unloading his kayak from his car roof at the harbour in Whitby. Now, nothing wrong with that in general but......this was March 3rd and winds were as high as 100km in some places in Durham. Ours were probably about 70km average at this time of day. 90kms was happening earlier in the day. The waves in the more sheltered inlet were ok, choppy, but yeah if you have experience.....ok. However, by the pier where the water was more open and lead right out into Lake Ontario, not so much. The waves were huge and dangerous at times.

We were walkign down by the pier, shooting some photos, when suddenly there is the guy, struggling in the waves and we saw him turn to head back to the safer area. He never made it. He ended up against the walls of the cement walk and being bashed against the wall. Some bystanders were reaching down to try to help him get up one of the metal stairs that extend down into the water. It was proving difficult. We started up to see if they needed help as we were pretty far back still. They got his kayak out as John was almost there and then we saw he was helped out. By this time, Fire Dept. was on its way. Hopefully the guy was ok.

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