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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Confused Beaver

We have seen a lot of weird things down at Whitby Harbour in the past year of living near it and venturing down there. Sheep skulls with bullet holes in them, boats way out on the lake on fire, a kayaker having to be rescued, tons of swans, wild grapes growing, a resident mockingbird, all sorts of people fishing, lots of varied water birds, the snowy owl, a photo shoot in the old brick structure.....always Something interesting. It often can seem like the walk will be a boring one, then something freaky or neat shows up.

Tuesday of this week, not a lot seemed to be around. Then we spotted what looked like a brown shape swimming in the lake toward the shore. It was not a bird, we knew. We quickly ran back along the pier and jumped onto the sand and headed for the beach area where it looked like it would come up on shore. Then, this creature waddles out of the water. It looked like a groundhog. was a beaver! It started walking towards me. I only had on my old manual 105mm portrait lens so I had ot keep refocusing to get some shots. The beaver seemed odd, acting strange, disoriented and we were not sure if beavers would be seen out in the open waters of Lake Ontario.  It turned and headed back to the water, and swam back out. Freaky.

Got some shots of the mockingbird too, which was surprisingly close that evening.

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